Ace Your Med School Interview Program

Med/PA School Interview Preparation

You’ve made it through college, submitted applications and completed the MCATs. Prepare for the final critical step: your medical or PA school interview.

The difference between Medical school and Physician Assistant school acceptance and rejection often comes down to the interview. Mastering the interview requires preparation and practice.

Dr. Pascal Juang has helped numerous applicants ace their Medical school and PA school interviews through his Ace Your Med School Interview Program. Dr. Juang’s experience as an interviewer and interviewee has contributed to a successful program that has helped prepare individuals for their interviews for several years. The Ace Your Med School Interviews program offers three course options that include the video preparation course and optional personal coaching from Dr. Juang.

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Sign up for a Free Preview Video

About Dr. Pascal Juang

Dr. Pascal JuangDr. Juang has extensive experience preparing applicants for their medical school and physician assistant school interviews. His insider experience started while a student at UCSD medical school where he was a student interviewer and tour guide on the medical schools admissions committee. During his Emergency Medicine residency at Harvard, he was appointed the Chief Resident and in that capacity, helped host and evaluate Emergency Medicine residency candidates. Since then, Dr. Juang has helped numerous scribes get into medical school and physician assistant school by providing insider knowledge, constructive feedback, and expert coaching that they needed to perform their best at the interview.

Client Testimonials

“Dr. Juang put together a great curriculum that prepares a medical student applicant for any interview. When I first started Ace the Interview my answers were long, drawn out, and convoluted. By the end, I was able to form articulate and well thought out answers. Ace the Interview gave me the confidence and practice that I needed to get into medical school. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you Dr. Juang!

“I really liked how Dr. Juang video recorded us. I was able to see and hear myself and noticed mannerisms that I needed to change (like playing with my hands). Also, when I skyped and practiced the questions it helped me a lot. I think that the repetition of answers also made me feel comfortable talking about myself and in answering common questions.”

—Lauren V

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