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  • You're Off Work! Now what?

  • Chandra Sandoval

    As an employee of ScribeAmerica/HealthChannels, you’re use to not working the typically Monday-Friday work schedule. On those beautiful days off (whenever they may be!), here’s a few suggestions on how to make the most of your day to be happy, healthy, and productive:

    1. Take care of the errands first – paying bills, grocery store run, etc. This will free up the rest of your day for other activities.
    2. Unwind and relax! Take a bath with lavender and eucalyptus or meditate.
    3. Go outside! Nature increases brain function, boosts your Vitamin C, and lowers stress levels.
    4. Prep your meals for the week so they are ready to grab and go! This will save you time and money. For simple recipes check out  Easy Recipes in a Flash!
    5. Squeeze in a class to learn something new! Take a cooking class, self defense course, or other activity that you have not tried before.
    6. Plan ahead to check out a unique event!  Use Eventbrite, LivingSocial, Groupon, or city calendars to see what events are happening near you (and score a great deal on tickets ahead of time!)
    7. It’s summer, barbeques and pool parties are everywhere! Choose yogurt or hummus dips instead of high-fat dips drowning in sour cream and cheese.
    8. Extend your workout! If you want to indulge a little, take advantage of the extra time and burn a few more calories!
    9. Be social! Catch up with friends and family. Send a chat to the old friend you haven’t spoke to in a while. Having support from others will lower your stress levels.
    10. Give your time back to the community – Volunteer!


    How do you get the most of your day off?

    Amber Kain
    Chief Scribe


    These are great ideas! I recently moved to the beach and haven’t spent enough time enjoying my new digs.

    I hear that the sound of the ocean, the sand between your toes and the smell of saltwater are good for stress levels too, so I’m making a plan to dip my toes in the sea at least once a week!


    I’m excited to hear other ideas from the team ^_^

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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