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  • Workday Tips: Speed up your Searching!

  • Chandra Sandoval

    Do you ever get frustrated searching on Workday? Here’s three great tips to help you search smarter and faster!

    Speedy Tip 1

    Workday’s default search is set to the most “Common” items which force users to select “All of Workday” if more results are needed to find what you’re looking for. Did you know you can change the default search to “All of Workday”? Here’s how!

    To change your personal preferences in Workday, select “My Account” on the drop down menu from your profile and select “Change Preferences.”

    Different options you may change will populate such as Language and Time Zone. In the middle you should see “Search Preferences > Preferred Search Category.” Here is where you select All of Workday as your default.  After you select your changes, sign out of Workday to apply these changes.

    Speedy Tip 2

    When searching for a job requisition, evergreen or person in Workday, you do not need to use the full name. Wait, I know what you’re thinking, then you’ll get a ton of results or no results at all! Here’s the solution: Use partial letters of what you’re looking for. Let’s say you want to look at the Portland/Vancouver area evergreen. Type in “Port vanc” in the search bar. Only two results! Very easy to find the result you wanted!

    Speedy Tip 3

    Searching different evergreens for an applicant can get time consuming. Instead of going to an evergreen, type “candidate: NAME” in the search bar! You can also search by partial names. For example, “Ivanna B.A. Scribe” can be found by typing “candidate: Iva Scr.”

    I hope you found these tips beneficial and help you navigate Workday faster!


    Do you search Workday differently? Let us know and feel free to share your tips here!

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