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  • Workday Tips: Delegating Multiple Tasks

  • Chandra Sandoval

    Is there a member of your team that will be taking a vacation or an extended leave? Unsure what to do with their Workday inbox? It’s easy, you can delegate an entire Workday inbox temporarily! Here’s how:

    To delegate all tasks received, have the person who will be absent log into Workday and select View Profile. You can find this by clicking on their name on the top right corner.

    From the Profile, select the Actions button > Business Process > My Delegations. Then select “Manage Delegations.” If you have any current or upcoming delegations, they will display on this screen.

    Enter the beginning and end dates that the person delegating to will receive the inbox tasks. Please note like all delegations, the person receiving the tasks can only be a peer or a supervisor.

    Select “For All Business Processes” as to not miss any important tasks. The delegation rule will be left blank. Then hit submit. Workday will send an email alerting the delegated person of the change. The person will receive the other’s inbox tasks until the end date. If the original party returns earlier than expected, simply return to the Manage Delegations page to end.

    I hope you find this helpful! If you have any Workday tips or suggestions, please feel free to share them here!




Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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