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  • Various Ways You Can Help Save Our Environment

  • Michael Keane

    We all pollute the environment we live in, I do, and your dog does too. It’s very much in our control to reduce this pollution.  Charity begins at home, you start today, your neighbor starts tomorrow and the whole city starts doing this sooner than you realize.  It isn’t easy but we can all do our part to save the only planet we have.  Here are a few things we can do everyday to help save our environment.

    1. Go paperless.  Sure you can’t stop advertisement leaflets coming in to your mail box (shouldn’t there be an environmental law to ban this practice, or at least, be made it mandatory to use recycled paper?) but, you can control the statements, updates and notices which you get from your financial institutions.
    2. Stop using bottled water. This may be very hard for many, I understand. If it’s not that hard for you, start using re-usable materials and fill it up every time.
    3. Use less electricity. There are various options to save on electricity, I can write an entire post about this. The easiest of the ways is to use fan instead of an AC, if you can. Air drying clothes, letting sunlight come in the winter and blocking it in the summer are other easy options to try out at your home.
    4. Use less gas. Bike to work, car pooling are the easier options you can try. There are various other effective ways to save on gas.
    5. Recycle. Don’t just throw your old electronics and batteries to trash. Make use of local free recycling facilities. Dispose your plastic containers as well by separating them out from normal trash.
    6. Use reusable shopping bags. It was my wife’s idea to start using reusable bags. They are made of cloth and need cleaning once a week. We eliminated a lot of plastics from our life this way.
    7. Buy fresh local produce. Whenever you have option to buy from farmer’s market or local grocers, give it a preference. Processed goods take a lot of energy, first for processing part and then, the fuel consumption in transportation.
    8. Save water. Sweet water is a scarce resource and it’s being depleted at a greater pace than earth is replenishing it. There are various ways to save water in everyday use from fixing leaky outlets to adjusting the timers on sprinklers.
    9. Use emails and eGreetings. Unless you are already using it, what’s preventing you from going ‘e’ route? Apart from being environment friendly, it also reduces effort required to pass your message across.
    10. Use ceramic cups. Instead of plastic, paper or Styrofoam, the ceramic cups can be used over and over. This reduces the impact on the environment and on your budget.
    11. Print less. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to print, refrain from doing so. When you do have to print, consider printing on both sides of the paper.
    12. Buy items with recycled materials. For an example, you can get two types of coffee cups. One with fresh paper and one with recycled paper. You can identify by reading the label on the pack.
    13. <b>Reuse and Repurpose.  </b>Whenever possible, re-use the containers, cartons and envelops. Oh, your tooth-brush as well! For cleaning my sports shoes, I use old tooth brushes, it goes in to the grooves perfectly.
    14. Use energy-efficient items. In the long run they save a lot of money and energy. Bulbs, use LED bulbs, even fluorescent light bulbs consume 1/3rd (or lesser) of the energy of incandescent light bulbs. For other equipments like, AC, refrigerator, washer, etc buy Energy Star appliances.
    15. Use clothes more than paper. Reduce paper usage by using cloths to wipe your hands or the things you normally wipe with paper towels.
    16. Replace air filters. AC air filters for your home and car, if replaced regularly, can save a lot of energy which in turn can save you money.
    17. Consume less. This is for your financial good as well. Live simply, use your furnitures and clothes until they can’t be used any more. If possible, check out used items on Craigslist or garage sales.
    18. Plant trees. Your garden/patio or balcony, do you have space anywhere? Grow plants, grow flowers, and attract honey bees wherever you find a place for a pot. If you have a garden, you can go on a green mission by planting as many trees as your yard or garden permits.
    19. Donate to organizations that help planting more trees and work towards a better planet.
    20. Pickup and deposit pollutants. Whether at home, at work, at local super market or while running or jogging, if you find a pollutant like plastic or Styrofoam on your way, pick it up and put in a nearby trash bin.
    21. Volunteer in anti-pollution drives. Many cities here in south Florida organize periodic beach cleaning events. Thousands of volunteers donate their time towards these large-scale environmental cleaning events. Check in your local area for opportunities like this.
    22. Have indoor plants. Indoor plants and aquatic plants (in aquariums) are very efficient in cleaning the inside air pollution of our homes.
    23. Make better use of your recycle garbage bin. If possible have two different trash cans at your home. Sometimes not all recyclable materials are put in to recycle bin. Even if you can save one piece of paper from being dumped without getting recycled, you have contributed to the environmental protection.

    These are just a few ways that you can make a difference to helping our environment.  Let’s all work together to keep our planet clean!

    Thank you,

    Michael Keane

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