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  • Tips on Handling a Stressful Life

  • Amber Kain
    Chief Scribe

    We all handle different levels of stress in our lives. From the student studying for the MCAT, to the manager trying to keep their team happy while juggling multiple sites, it is common to feel overloaded and moments away from meltdown.

    The key to keeping those feelings at bay is to focus on stressing less in your daily life. The visual below has a few good suggestions to keep you calm, cool and collected.

    How do you de-stress?

    Great tips, thanks for posting!

    In order to balance my busy work life, school, and studying for the MCAT, I take time each day to make sure I have everything I need in place for the next day– dinner packed for work, backpack packed up and next to the door, clothes laid out. It really helps in the morning to start off organized rather than frantic!

    Amber Kain
    Chief Scribe

    Absolutely! Planning is everything!

    Maria Martos
    Chief Scribe

    Love this visual, thank you for sharing!

    I have found that sometimes the hardest thing to do is staying in the present- especially when deadlines and meetings are approaching. I’d like to believe there’s a balance between being responsible and planning ahead, while maintaining an anchor in the present. Perhaps with practice and reminders like these, it’ll get easier!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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