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  • Tips and Reminders: New Workday Onboarding Process

  • Michael Keane

    We are live with the new hiring and onboarding process for all candidates who have applied on or after 5/15/2017.  A helpful rule of thumb is if you do not receive the Interview Questionnaire, you will need to send the JOL via DocuSign.

    It is also extremely important that you are completing Workday processes in a timely manner.  Late entries can cause delays, inaccurate reporting, additional work, and negative financial impact.

    Below are a few examples:

    • New Hires entering personal data (e.g. direct deposit, address, phone number) late causes problems with other systems (i.e. not receiving Brinks paycard)
    • Late entry for a compensation change causes employees to be paid incorrectly and the need for retro pay calculations
    • Late entry of a termination can create compliance issuses for ScribeAmerica and impact the company negatively
    • Late entry on employee transfers caise documents or approvals to be routed incorrectly
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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