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  • Time Card Error Form

  • Michael Melnick
    Regional Manager

    Hello chief scribes,

    If you are like I was as a Chief Scribe, your scribes would call, text, email (work), email (personal), send W2W messages, facebook messages, and any other number of platforms to let you know that they forgot to clock out or had some sort of time card error.  It drove me INSANE.

    What I have done for my sites is create a Time Card Error form that the scribe fills out whenever they have any sort of time card error.

    1. Once you create the form for your site, go to the response tab
    2. Right above where it says “accepting responses” click the 3 dot action button
    3. Select response destination, it will bring you to a Google Drive search box
    4. Find the CSMR for your site
    5. Open your CSMR and go to the New Tab (right click to rename it if you want)
    6. Click Tools
    7. Click Notification Rules
    8. Click Email Right Away & Whenever someone submits a form

    Then just highlight it or hide it once you’ve completed it.

    Hope it helps!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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