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  • The Importance of Water

  • Ariel Mulchan

    The Importance of Water

    Water is necessary: Many people experience fatigue, headaches, and nausea during a normal day, but very few of us realize that these problems could be caused or aggravated by not drinking enough water. Water is one of the most important ingredients for survival. Water is the principal chemical component of the human body and it is vital to the proper functioning of all physiological systems. Water performs countless duties in our bodies and keeps us healthy and refreshed:

    • Water makes up approximately 60% of a person’s body weight.
    • Water in body fluids is the transport vehicle for nutrients.
    • Water flushes out toxins.
    • Water creates a moist environment for the structures of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat.
    • Water acts as lubrication and cushioning for joints.
    • Water helps maintain body temperature.

    The above list of health factors affirms our need to keep properly hydrated. There are two approaches you can choose from to determine proper intake:

    • REPLACEMENT: This approach suggests drinking 8 cups daily, which is about enough to replace the amount of water that is lost.
    • DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS: This approach suggests that men drink 13 cups of water each day and women drink 9 cups. This is thought, by many, to be the healthier choice.

    Stay properly hydrated: By staying hydrated a person ensures that his/her body will have enough water to perform its necessary functions.

    Drinking plenty of water is one aspect of a healthy life-style, the benefits of which may be experienced as an increase in energy, relief from joint tenderness, and a boosting of the immune system.

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