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  • The Central Line – Community Challenge!

  • Marie Yahiro
    Junior Project Leader

    Hi everyone!

    • Name: Marie Yahiro
    • Score: 39
    • Region: Midwest


    Tiffany Chan
    Chief Scribe
    • Your name : Tiffany Chan
    • Score : 38
    • Your region : South & Mid-Atlantic
    Andrew McHale
    Chief Scribe

    Andrew McHale



    Cassandra McCulloch
    Chief Scribe


    Name: Cassandra McCulloch

    Score: 39

    My Region: South & Mid-Atlantic

    Bradlee Palmquist
    Quality Assurance Manager

    Hey everyone,

    I’m Bradlee Palmquist.

    My score was 36.

    My region is the South & Mid-Atlantic (kind of confused why we’re [Virginia and West Virginia] grouped with Texas and Oklahoma, haha, but no biggie).

    Happy Weekend!

    Joseph Rewinski
    Chief Scribe

    Hi ScribeAmerica!

    • Your name: Joseph Rewinski
    • Score: 39
    • Your region: Northeast

    I tried to start out as trusting but once someone cheated I didn’t want to be taken advantage of!

    Game theory is a really interesting way to break down complex social problems!


    Elizabeth Hance
    Chief Scribe

    Your name: Elizabeth Hance
    Score: 39
    Your region: Northeast

    Kyle Smetanka
    Regional Manager

    Happy Friday All!

    <b>Kyle Smetanka</b>

    Score: 32

    Region: Northeast

    Rama Aysola, M.D.

    • Name: Rama Aysola
    • Score: 31
    • Region: Midwest

    I’m a big cheat with a little cooperation 🙂

    Son Nguyen
    Chief Scribe


    • Name: Son Nguyen
    • Score: 29
    • Region: South and Mid Atlantic
    Ariel Hortert
    Chief Scribe

    Hi There!

    Name: Ariel Hortert

    Score: 22

    Region: West

    Lauren Kurtz
    Chief Scribe

    Name: Lauren Kurtz

    Score: 28

    Region: North East

    Russell Catania
    Chief Scribe

    Loved this! Lots to learn from.

    Name: Russell Catania

    Score: 35

    Region: Midwest

    Julie Brylawski
    Chief Scribe

    Hi everyone! I completed the entire challenge over a week ago but forgot to submit at that time – whoops!

    Name: Julie Brylawski

    Score: 27

    Region: Mid-Atlantic

    Callie Conners
    Senior Project Manager

    Name: Callie Conners

    Score: 26

    Region: Education (Midwest)

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 107 total)

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