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  • The Central Line – Community Challenge!

  • AvatarElaine Lim
    Chief Scribe

    Hey everyone!

    Name: Elaine Lim

    Score: 34

    My region: South & mid Atlantic

    AvatarSaif-eldin Farag
    Chief Scribe


    • Your name: Saif Farag
    • Score: 38
    • Your region: Midwest
    AvatarMaria Martos
    Chief Scribe

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Maria Dalzell and I’m from the South and Mid-Atlantic Region.

    I also started out cooperative and quickly got tired of the cheats! My score came out to 31.

    Had to share the link with others… I’m a fan of the visuals.

    AvatarDanielle Kaplan
    Chief Scribe

    Hello everyone!

    • Name: Danielle Kaplan
    • Score: 25
    • Region: Southeast

    I really enjoyed playing this game! It was interesting to read about each of the opponents at the end.

    AvatarDanielle Morris
    Junior Project Leader

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello!</p>
    name: Danielle

    score: 29

    region: Northeast!

    AvatarJames Beauchamp
    Chief Scribe

    Howdy, from Texas!

    Names: James Beauchamp

    Score: 33

    Region: South & Mid-Atlantic

    AvatarGeorge Taylor
    Chief Scribe

    Hello Everyone!

    • Name: Thomas Taylor
    • Score: 29
    • Region: South and Mid-Atlantic
    AvatarBonnie Green
    Chief Scribe

    Name: Bonnie Green

    Score: 34

    Region: West


    AvatarDaniel Burkhart
    Chief Scribe

    Name: Daniel Burkhart

    Score: 34

    Region: West

    AvatarLewis Graham
    Chief Scribe

    Hey folks!

    • Name: Lewis Graham
    • Score: 38
    • Region: Midwest
    AvatarCatherine Bailey
    Senior Project Manager

    Catherine Bailey



    AvatarEliel Vega
    Chief Scribe

    Eliel Vega


    South & Mid Atlantic

    AvatarCassandra Leong
    Chief Scribe

    Cassandra Leong



    found out I am very trusting at the beginning and it backfired for sure. Definitely a life lesson there.

    AvatarTaylor Runion
    Chief Scribe

    Hello all!

    • Name: Taylor Runion
    • Score: 32
    • Region: West
    AvatarPaola Cardenas
    Chief Scribe
    • Name: Paola C
    • Score: 37
    • Region: West!!
Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 107 total)

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