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  • The Central Line – Community Challenge!

  • Jill Ni, CMSS
    Project Manager

    Hey ScribeAmerica Ohana!!!!!

    Central Line team here with our fun new activity. Go to and play the fun challenge about cooperation!

    • Play the challenge above until you receive a score (Step 3, ~2 minutes)
      • We encourage you to play the entire challenge to understand the evolution of cooperation
    • Submit a reply to this post by 8/11/2017 with:
      • Your name
      • Score
      • Your region

    The region with the most participation will win the cooperation challenge!

    We will be selecting several individuals from the winning region who posted to receive a $25 gift card.

    Kevin Buckowski
    Project Manager

    Hi All!

    • Name: Kevin Buckowski
    • Score: 31
    • Region: Education (West)

    I was cooperator until the game changed, then I copied whatever the cartoon did!

    Hope you guys enjoy this fun little competition!

    Ellen Ramia, M.H.A.
    Project Manager

    Hey ScribeAmerica Ohana!

    • Name: Ellen
    • Score: 27
    • Region: Education (Southeast)

    :O I’m too trusting! I believed the best in these little comic peoples and never cheated oh nooo

    Jill Ni, CMSS
    Project Manager

    Hi everyone!

    • Name: Jill Ni
    • Score: 34
    • Region: Representing Team Education from the Midwest!

    I’m mostly a cooperator…but not always!

    Adam Rankin
    Regional Manager

    Hey Everyone!


    • Name: Adam Rankin
    • Score: 29
    • Region: North-East

    These little cartoons are so hard to read and determine what they will do! I trusted the wrong people then I just kept cheating to get even 😛 I think this little video clip is amazing! Such a great breakdown of trust and miscommunication. Thank you so much for finding this and sharing it, I think it is a great tool and I absolutely learned a lot from it!

    Mark Zaiter
    Quality Assurance Manager

    Hello everyone!

    Mark Zaiter




    Karla Correa
    Chief Scribe


    • Name: Karla Correa
    • Score: 38
    • Region: North-East

    I am pretty trusting and only cheated ~2-3 times, but always after the other player cheated.

    Christelle Reglas
    Hiring Manager

    Hi there!

    • Name: Christelle Reglas
    • Score: 39
    • Region: North-East

    I felt like I could tell what to do based on their hats!

    Rebecca Lewis
    Quality Assurance Specialist

    Hi there!

    • Name: Rebecca Lewis
    • Score: 41
    • Region: Southeast
    Saima Akhter
    Hiring Manager

    Name:  Saima Akhter

    Score:  24

    Region:  Northeast

    Ashley Jennings
    Regional Manager

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Name:  Ashley Jennings</p>
    Score:  29

    Region:  Southeast

    I was trusting, but I got over being cheated there at the very end.

    I did do my best to imitate the cheating face. Didn’t work out so well….scared my cats!

    Marissa Scott
    Quality Assurance Manager

    Hi everyone!

    • Your name: Marissa Scott
    • Score: 29
    • Your region: West
    Kathy Botkins
    Hiring Manager

    Good Evening!

    • Your name: Kathy Botkins
    • Score: 34
    • Your region: Midwest
    Jessica Truong
    Chief Scribe

    Hello everyone!

    • <b>Name: </b>Jessica Truong
    • Score: 29
    • Your region: Southeast
    Rachael Caretti
    Chief Scribe

    Hi everyone!

    Name: Rachael Caretti

    Score: 27

    My Region: Northeast

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