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  • Promoting Scribes to CST

  • Mario Silva
    Chief Scribe

    Hello Chief Scribes,

    Part of your job is to promote Scribes, and with our new company policy “Quality of Floor Trainer” I understand the frustration when receiving a denied promotion for your Scribes. Here are some helpful tips before you decide to promote your next Scribe to CST.

    • Make sure you have on your roster the employees you are supposed to have.
    • If there’s an employee on your roster that is no longer with the company, follow the termination procedure in Workday immediately.
    • If an employee that no longer works at your site appears on your roster, make the proper transfer in Workday, or inform your HRSC so he/she may take the employee out of the project.
    • Please keep in mind that other trainers cross training at your site will appear on the report.
    • Take into consideration that CS and QAS are also considered trainers.
    • Once you have determined the total headcount for your site, multiply the total number by .17 and that should give you the total number of trainers allowed for your site.

    After taking these steps and your site still exceeds the maximum trainers allowed, coordinate with your manager to seek the approval of the VPSM. If approval is given, a comment in the promotion task should be noted stating the approval of the VPSM.

    Hope this helps!


    Mario Silva, HRSC

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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