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  • Personal Tips for Success That Has Helped Me Through Life

  • Mario Silva
    Chief Scribe

    People always ask me how I have been able to achieve so many things in life (started a business at 24, got accepted to the best business schools, traveled over 20 countries, worked abroad in Sweden, successful career in the military, great apartment, nice car, great job, etc.). For the past 7 years I’ve been trying to find ways on how to succeed and achieve what I want in life. I’ve found for myself that these 10 steps are integral for success as it has helped me achieve great things in life and will continue to do so. Maybe it can help you unlock the key to success as it has been for me.

    1. Be happy with your life.
    2. Find the good in the bad. Learn to smile and laugh through the pain.
    3. Realize that each day is a fresh start.
    4. Get rid of distractions.
    5. Keep moving forward and never give up.
    6. Be passionate about your work.
    7. Always be professional.
    8. Surround yourself with people that wants to succeed as well. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from each other and achieve great ideas.
    9. Learn, learn, learn. Read a book, take a class, there’s always something new to learn that will help you grow in your career.
    10. Think, think, think. Always think about your goals, who you want be, how you plan to achieve those goals, and always find ways to get closer to it.

    My best advice is to always study, learn new things, there are those that are born to be leaders and those that become leaders, and always have goals for yourself.

    “Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

    — Jim Rohn

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