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  • Optimizing the 3 Top Work Motivators

  • Mario Silva
    Chief Scribe


    Creating environments in which employees can thrive is crucial to leadership, but motivation is very different person to person. There are three main motivators in the workplace and most people will be highly influenced by at least one of them. Leaders who address these three factors will see the biggest impact being made for their efforts.

    Leaders are under a lot of pressure to perform from both above and below. Leaders are expected to provide development opportunities to employees, keeping them motivated and engaged. This can be the case even while the leaders themselves are struggling to stay motivated and engaged. Many of us already know that increased positive interactions between leaders and employees increases positive results for the bottom line.

    Since motivation is a mental process we can’t motivate an employee, but we can offer opportunities that will motivate someone. Employees can use this to gain better understanding of themselves and ensure that they are choosing the right activities to help them stay motivated at work.

    Start by asking “Do you…”


    • Find it important to set and accomplish challenging goals?
    • Prefer to work alone?
    • Like to receive regular feedback on progress and achievement?


    • Want to belong to the group?
    • Favor teamwork over competition?
    • Want to be liked?


    • Want to win?
    • Like to be in control, or influence others?
    • Thrive in a competitive environment?

    If the answer are a strong “yes” in any of the three listed areas, then try to find opportunities where these motivational needs can be met as long as it does not cause disruption for the rest of the team. Having a greater sense about these area will provide a good starting point in making sure that the activities and rewards are in alignment with what motivates the employee.

    By using motivation as a starting point, you can incorporate these to help an employee – or even yourself – have a bigger impact on the team. – Benjamin D. Patient


    Amber Kain
    Chief Scribe


    These are great things to take a look at, especially when hiring as well!

    I’ll be thinking about these in our next interview sessions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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