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  • Motivating Employees

  • Michael Keane

    Here are a few simple tips you can use to motivate your employees and get your team to go the extra mile for you.

    1. Change The Role Of The Most Motivated Employee(s)

    • You most likely have one or two employees on your team that you know are your top performers or “internal champions”.  Studies show that teams work better when the team member who shows the most willingness to go above and beyond thier job description is in a postion where they come in contact with as many teammates as possible.  If you can alter the role of those employees to make them more centralized to the other employees, the entire team is likely to be more motivated.

    2. Help Employees Build Relationships

    • Part of increasing motivation is creating an environment where everyone gets along.  You should work hard to create an environment where coworkers can foster relationships.  Go out for team lunches, organize team building events, and make your culture as inclusive as possible.

    3. Set Clear Goals For Your Team

    • Employees will be motivated when they know they are working towards a common goal together, and that goal is very clearly defined.  It also important to break the goal down into smaller, more measurable tasks and then celebrate those small wins so that you can maintain a consistent level of motivation.

    4. Give Regular Recognition

    • Recognition, or lack there of is a serious issue.  Many workers report that they receive little to no recognition for great performance, but will most likely be criticized for poor performance.  A study called “The Carrot Principle” found that the single most common thing the best managers did was regularly offer recognition to their employees.

    5. Give Frequent Feedback

    • If an employee is clueless about where they stand, they will lose their motivation very easily.  It is important to give frequent feedback and be specific with the feedback.  Help them get better.  The feeling they will get when they understand that you are trynig to help them will help make and keep them motivated.  Feedback should be frequent and not once a year at an annual review.

    I hope this can help you to motivate and keep your team motivated.

    Thank you,

    Michael Keane

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