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  • Midwest Health Challenge

  • Andrew Domin
    Regional Manager

    Hello Everyone,

    After this weekend at the Midwest retreat, I was trying to think of ways we can stay connected. As some of you might know I can be a pretty competitive person when it comes to particular challenges. As you know, I enjoy Crossfit, and I understand that this has some negative implications for some. However, I thought it would be fun to start up an internal fitness challenge in January. Ideally, to make this competitive it would be Team Glassburn vs. Team Cameron.

    Now I know some of you are like “oh it’s going to be Crossfit related, and Team Glassburn is going to win.” The answer is no I was thinking of basing it similar to the whole life challenge that has become increasingly popular amongst the general public. We would be awarded points based on if we ate healthy that day, did you attend a yoga class, go for a run, go to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu class or any other fitness related activity. It can also earn points if you stretched or work on improving your mobility. To track this, we would utilize social media or send updates to our team caption with picture evidence.

    I just think it would be a great way to start the year and build a little competition into our daily lives. It will also challenge us to go outside of our comfort zone a little. I want to make it so everyone can be involved and would appreciate any feedback on if you would be interested. If not I will not be offended, but I think this could be fun Thoughts?

    Cameron Kelley
    Chief Scribe

    I think this would be a great idea, and I would love to be a part of it. After I started traveling with this position, I stopped the regular healthy living activities and behaviors I had been doing prior to this position, and I really want to get back in that habit. I’m similar to you in that I am very competitive, and I think something like this is exactly what I need to start building those habits back into my life.

    Julie Casteel
    Regional Manager

    A lot of people have apple watches, fit bits, or at least cell phones that have some kind of health tracker. I think this might be an easy way to potentially track this challenge. You could get granular or go with the proportion of days out of the week you hit your goals for example.


    Andrew Domin
    Regional Manager

    I think that is a great idea, to utilize technology to keep track of certain metrics. We can get granular and lay out specific challenges to complete to earn points. Its something that would need further decision but I would at least like to get some interest before we put in the work. Cameron, it will def help get you back into setting good habits as it is tough to stay on track with how busy work can get.



    Callie Conners
    Senior Project Manager

    I think this is an awesome idea! I’m always down for a good fitness challenge. Another idea of how to track this could be in terms of “miles”. I have seen something where different activities credit you different quantity of “miles”. Whichever team has the most miles at the end would win.

    • HIIT: 1 mile per 10 minutes
    • Biking: Divide by 3 (9 miles biking credits you 3 miles)
    • Swimming: Multiply by 3 (1 mile swim credits you 3 miles)
    • Running: 1 mile for 1 mile

    However we want to do it is great! Anything to keep us moving, and I also really like to win! 🙂

    Constance Domin
    Regional Manager

    I love this idea! We have about a month to prepare so that everyone can schedule out their activities. I know I’ll be adding in more yoga this year! Anyone else interested in this type of event?

    I agree with Cameron, this is a great way to start the new year off with great habits. Working in the medical field we tend to see a lot of the outcomes that are associated with health negligence. We all know that isn’t where we want to end up. The best way to combat these outcomes are to develop good habits as early as possible. Though most of us are in our 20’s, It is never too late to start!



    Norg’e Tisdol
    Regional Manager

    I think this is a cool idea! I am horrible with charging and keeping up with my Fitbit, but my Note has a health tracking app and that stays with me. Let me know what everyone decides on! I vote for whole life because Lord knows I have not stepped foot in CrossFit before and that might be too much for me to keep up with to start.

    Lexie Hein
    Chief Scribe

    Great call Andrew! As a person that does not always work out, I still think this is  a fun way to challenge each other outside of work. We can pick a theme of the week or something and you have to send pics to the group of you completing that goal. Maybe have several goals a week in case someone cannot do a particular activity.  Eating healthy is just bonus points!

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