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  • Making Recruiting Fun!

  • Chandra Sandoval

    Recruiting for a large area can be challenging on your own. Getting your team involved as well can be even harder! But it doesn’t have to be! Make it fun! Make it a competition! Here’s how:

    A RECRUITING SCAVENGER HUNT!  Created by the former Denver area Hiring Manager and Regional Manager Darcy Cherlin.

    The Hiring Manager would divide their area into zones/teams (a group of cities) that would be assigned to specific Chief Scribes and QASs. Each team would complete tasks for their designated zone. All tasks must be documented and sent to the HM by the end of the month. The winning team would win a prize*.

    Example for the Month of X:

    • Hand out flyers outside of 3 health related classes (5 points per class)
    • Obtain contact information from pre-med advisor or club president (10 points per contact)
    • Hang flyers at career services (5 points per bulletin board)
    • Hang flyers at a coffee shop, health club, or library (3 point per location)
    • Speak to a health related class or club (10 points per engagement)
    • Have 5 persons apply on the website (10 points per applicant)
    • Host an information table or session on campus (10 points per event)

    This scavenger hunt will also help from Chief Scribes overlapping one another’s ground recruitment and work together to win as a team.

    *If you would like to implement this plan for your area, please reach out to supervisor to discuss further.


    <b>If you have done this for your area – let us know how it’s working! What other ideas do you feel would help get your team involved with ground recruitment?</b>

    Saber Chowdhury
    Hiring Manager

    Awesome idea! I am a new HM to my position in the Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. region. I think this is definitely a great way to utilize our scribes as a way to do year-round recruiting. What are some ideas of prizes that HM’s have gotten approval for in the past?

    Chandra Sandoval

    Hello Saber, thank you for your reply!

    The prize will be dependent on the yearly budget that is set for your area which is reflective of the contracts supported and the amount of employees you have.  It will also depend on how you choose to conduct your contest. You may use the instructions above and have your teams or individuals turn in on a monthly basis but give out prizes quarterly. Who had the most points for Summer? That person may receive a gift card. Or if your area is large, you may treat the winner team to a special event like a pizza night. Your supervisor will be able to discuss with you the options for your team.

    If approved for you area, please keep us posted!

    Vanessa Rand
    Hiring Manager

    Hi Chandra,

    Thanks for sharing this idea! Our very large Colorado region was the first region to implement this recruitment idea. Within the first 6 weeks of implementing this recruitment task our evergreen averaged 25 new candidates per week compared to an average of 8.67 candidates per week prior to starting the recruiting task. That is a 288% increase in candidates over a 6 week period!

    The part that the Colorado leadership seemed to struggle with the most is keeping up with the recruiting tasks during our heavy attrition season (April to August). While the tasks are quite simple, there tended to be some difficulty completing the tasks by the set deadlines.  To combat this issue we decided to extend the deadlines so that the tasks are being completed over a 2 week span instead of switching on a weekly basis. This change has seemed to help quite a bit and the leadership team has improved their participation.

    Hope this was helpful!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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