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  • Ideas from the Field Welcome!

  • Annie Poe
    Project Manager

    Hi All!

    What are some creative team building activities you have tried that have been successful?

    A few that I can name that have occurred in the South & Mid-Atlantic are:

    -Themed All Scribe Meetings (Hawaiian theme, sports theme, etc.)

    -Pumpkin carving contest during Halloween season


    -Volunteer work (food drives, 5k/10k runs/walks, etc.)

    -Bowling or mini-golf (you can use some of your site budget for this)

    I would love to hear your ideas!


    Jackie Reynolds
    Executive Management Team

    Hi Annie,

    I love this topic. Some team building activities I have been involved in recently include a picnic in the park (can bring games and potluck food), coffee/breakfast/lunch with team members, movie night, BBQs, the list goes on! I too would love to hear from others on team building activities they have successfully executed, as often the simplest ideas are so meaningful!

    Also, stay tuned for a Building Culture SOP which will help provide great recommendations for team building and culture building activities.


    Adam Rankin
    Regional Manager

    Hi Annie,

    Recently I took out my CSs to Mini Golf and Laser Tag with the site budgets. It was a great time and helped my team bond as I had a lot of CS turnover and most of them were new to the roles.


    I am also currently planning a big fall event for my region. We are planning to go to a pumpkin farm, ride a wagon to the pumpkin patch and pick our own pumpkins, then participate in a corn maze. After that we are going to be making hot dogs and smore’s over the bonfire. After all that fun is done, we are going to head to a haunted house for whoever is brave enough 🙂 We are then going to have a pumpkin carving contest with the pumpkins we picked and I am going to award prizes.


    My region also has weekly wing night which is very successful as well.


    Hope this helps some 🙂


    Justin Wilson

    Hello ScribeAmerica Team! This is your *FINAL* SUMMER SCAVENGER HUNT post for August 28th! First one to reply to this post and leave a comment for the original poster wins a $10 Starbucks gift card!!

    Jaclyn Labor
    Regional Manager

    Less of a theme/activity but more of a simple way to integrate team building into each All Scribe Meeting through simple acknowledgement… Kicking off each meeting with welcoming new scribes, congratulating those who have received acceptance to programs they have applied to/gotten engaged/survived the MCAT, well wishes to those who are leaving, happy birthdays, kudos, ect.  These are always fun to go over at each meeting and a way to acknowledge a lot of neat things that are happening in the lives of our scribes.  I really love the pot luck idea and would love to do that at my next round of ASMs!

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