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  • How To Use Workplace Stress to Triple Workplace Productivity

  • Glenette Wilcher
    Chief Scribe

    How To Use Workplace Stress to Triple Workplace Productivity – Tyler McConvill
    1. Think of stress as positive and energizing.   
    When stress shows up at work, our brain and body begin to take actions that make us feel, well, stressed.  But if we can change the way we perceive that stress, we can change our response.  Instead of viewing stress as negative, begin to reframe it as positive.

    Whenever I got stressed, I tell myself, “This is a good thing.”  As a result, I’ve found myself taking all that stressful energy and putting it back into my work.  When I hit a wall working on a high level SEO project, I transform that stress into motivation.  When I am hours away from a deadline, I use that pressure to push into overdrive.

    2. Stop looking for stress.

    I had a negative mindset, and that permeated everything I did.  I’m sure all of my colleagues could tell I was wound tight, and that kind of attitude only primed me to feel more stress.  Once I just relaxed and stopped assuming that stress was lurking around every corner, it was like the clouds had opened up to let the sunshine through.  I no longer felt like I was in a permanent state of stress.

    My focus, project management and communication skills all improved, and I saw it in the results of my work.  It also boosted my productivity.  Since I wasn’t thinking about stress 24/7, I was able to concentrate on the task at hand and put 100% into it.

    3. Help others.

    When you experience stress, your pituitary gland release the hormone oxytocin, which actually helps your body heal from stress-related damage.  If you’re familiar with oxytocin, you probably know it as “the cuddle hormone” because it’s released during physical contact.

    The idea is that being around others and caring for them produces more oxytocin, and that will make you feel better faster.


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