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  • Mario Silva
    Chief Scribe

    Hello Chief Scribes,

    Being the “new kid” at a job is uncomfortable for anyone, no matter what their position or title. And most often it is the little things that tend to worry Scribes – how to navigate the EMR, turn on the computer, where the bathrooms are.

    To make your new Scribes feel like part of your team from the get-go, it’s imperative that you have a “first-day plan of action” in place to help them ease into the swing of things. Your goal? To make them feel comfortable, welcome and give them a great first impression of the ScribeAmerica family and your team!

    Here are some ways to make the first day of work perfect for your Scribes:

    1. Send a welcome email.

    One of the most common issues is Scribes not knowing who their manager is. A quick welcoming email with your information is vital for them to know who they’re meeting from day one.

    2. Give them a tour of the facility.

    On the first day, new Scribes should be shown the facilities and introduced to co-workers. Nothing is worse than needing to use the bathroom on the first day and not knowing where to go.

    3. On-the-job training.

    The one thing new employees don’t want to be on their first day is bored. While it’s obvious that a new hire will be trained, make sure to start that training day one.

    4. Assign a mentor.

    It’s virtually guaranteed they will have questions during their first few weeks at work. Assigning a specific Scribe mentor (rather than leaving it up to chance) can help them to feel more comfortable and confident.

    5. Ask for feedback.

    At the end of their first day, sit down with them to find out how Day 1 went. This will not only make your new team member realise that the company cares for its new employees, but it’s also a chance for your new team member to have some time with you personally to let you know how they’re feeling.

    Then see what they require for the next day. Asking for feedback will give new Scribes a chance to tell their CS what they need for success, making the transition to a new job easier. It will also help you inform your process, making sure you are improving your processes wherever you can.


    Mario Silva, HRSC

    “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” Ronald Reagan

    Jordan Yeager
    Chief Scribe

    Good things to note for new hires. Thanks for the good info!

    • Jordan
    John Gruber
    Regional Manager

    I think our scribes experience two distinct episodes of  “First Day Jitters”. Mario, you have covered their first floor training day nicely. I also think about the first day alone as a full fledged scribe. A measure I push as a regional manager is to have someone come by during a new scribe’s first solo day. Ideally this can be done in conjunction with admin duties so we get the most out of our time on the floor.

    A CS or QAS headed in to check JC binders and do chart reviews can use part of that time to make their new team member comfortable and confident. I like to be present for the provider coming in so I can introduce the new scribe and provider to each other. Sharing tidbits of personal information allows them to strike up a brief independent conversation and find some common ground.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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