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  • Hello Chief Scribes…

  • Alexis Salters

    Hello Chief Scribes,

    I would like to welcome you to ScribeCorner! Image result for best moment

    While this may be your first time here I encourage you to browse around and read a variety of helpful and interesting topics.

    With that being said,  I thought I might ask you what do you think was your best moment as being a Chief Scribe?

    I’m sure you’ve experienced a lot of great moments but what is the moment that you think was the best? Most of all, did this moment help you to excel at being a Chief Scribe?

    Please feel free to share.



    Bradlee Palmquist
    Quality Assurance Manager

    Personally, I feel like it was the moment where I had the feeling I actually knew what I was doing (it’s not easy getting to that point when you have so many new duties to master!).

    Bradlee Palmquist
    Quality Assurance Manager

    Also I’m QAM now but I figured I’d reply since I got the email 🙂



    Jordan Yeager
    Chief Scribe

    I think I have experienced a couple good moments while being CS. The ones that I remember most are the thank you letters from scribes before they go onto med school. It really puts in perspective what we do as a CS. I love being able to give students the opportunity to have first hand experience in the medical field. I enjoy seeing new scribes thrive in the environment as well as go onto a new adventure in med school, even though I will miss them as scribes.

    • Jordan
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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