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  • From Mystery Castles to Waterfalls… What's Hidden in your Area?

  • Chandra Sandoval

    Hawaii Guide - Maui Waterfall

    I recently took an incredible trip to Maui, Hawai’i. What an amazing place! I envy our Scribes who work near such beauty. When I returned from my travels my colleague asked, “did you know that Florida has waterfalls too?” What?! This sparked an immediate curiosity in me to research more of my surroundings beyond the typical tourist destinations.

    Did you know that there’s a house where doors open to nothing and there are staircases to nowhere? (Winchester House San Jose, CA). Have you ever heard of Tortilla Flat, AZ? It’s the last surviving stagecoach stop on the Apache Trail. Population: 6!

    <b>I want to hear from you! What are some unique places near you or that you’ve discovered along your travels? </b>

    Justin Wilson

    Hello ScribeAmerica Team! This is your SUMMER SCAVENGER HUNT post for July 31st! First one to reply to this post and leave a comment for the original poster wins a $10 Starbucks gift card!!

    Jessica Truong
    Chief Scribe

    Found it!

    What an amazing experience, I would love to visit Hawai’i one day! I will have to see some of the waterfalls here in Florida!

    I’m from Colorado and I absolutely love visiting the mountains and hiking! If anyone is ever in the area, definitely check out the lovely scenery!

    Justin Wilson

    Congratulations, Jessica!


    Well, I should join the conversation since this is my region!

    I was happy to see a post in our Regional Forums that was actually regionally focused! I hope we get to see more like these in the near future – chatting about local hidden gems, planning team meet ups, community service activities, etc. That’s why these regional forums are here!

    So, the question is about some hidden gems in the West. As a lifelong Californian, here are some of my favorites:

    1. Yosemite National Park: One of the crowning jewels of the national park system.
    2. Sequoia, Redwoods, Death Valley, Muir Woods: Okay, we have quite a few beautiful national parks!
    3. Hearst Castle: Great weekend road trip. After checking out the castle, go to the beach at San Simeon and check out the elephant seals.
    4. The California Mission Trail: Chances are there’s one in your backyard. Great place to learn about early California history.
    5. Solvang/Buelton: Anderson’s Split Pea Soup, fudge shops and a mission (see above) – another perfect weekend road trip!
    6. Griffith Park/Observatory: One of the best spots in L.A., whether you love astronomy, movie history, zoos, picnics, trains or hiking.

    If I don’t stop I’ll just keep on going…Big Sur, Cannery Row, SD Zoo…we have a lot of great stuff in CA!

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