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  • For all of your Verification of Employments

  • Hello Everyone,

    HealthChannels/ScribeAmerica is now using a 3rd Party for all Verification of Employments pertaining to current and former employees regarding all Wage Verifications, Position, Start and End Date Verifications, information needed for acceptance into PA Schools, information needed for purchasing a Home, Car or applying for any types of Loans.

    Please redirect all requestors to contact to register
    Please be sure to enter company Code 60080.

    This new process will help eliminate the in house workload tremendously, for HealthChannels is continuing to grow rapidly.

    You will receive your  verification within a few minutes to 2 days after submitting your request.

    For any additional information not provided through Vault Verify, please contact Ms. Sherry Baksh at 877-488-5479 option 4.

    For all HealthChannels employees, there will be no cost for requesting your own Verification of Employment.

    Thank you,

    Sherry Baksh,HRSC


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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