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  • Engaging the Community through Service

  • Eric Carnivale
    Chief Scribe

    I first wanted to introduce myself as the Chief Scribe for the Hospitalist program at Washington Hospital in Washington PA. Helping others has always been a big part of my life. Whether it is from my Catholic background or with my time in the Boy Scouts, volunteering has always been important to me. I live life with the mentality, that we are put on this Earth to help others in whatever way we can. Community service is an excellent, simple, and easy way to make a difference in someones life. By serving this higher purpose and helping others you not only bring joy to others, but you bring joy to oneself.

    I wanted to share my experience volunteering at the Washington City Mission in Washington PA. A few weekends ago, my team and I arrived at Washington City Mission to help prepare and serve food for the residents of the shelter. We had the opportunity to interact with the residents while serving them brunch on Sunday morning. After serving the food, we were giving a tour of the facilities. All of us were very surprised to learn of the scope by which Washington City Mission helped others. It was not just a “soup-kitchen” as some of us had pictured. Not only did they provide food and shelter for those less fortunate, they provided education about how to go about writing a resume, looking for a job, and interviewing. They helped those who might not have a drivers license, birth certificates, or social security cards obtain one. They operate a thrift store to provide reasonably priced clothes for the needy. They provide basic access to healthcare and counseling. It felt great to converse and give back to the community we get to serve on a daily basis in the hospital.

    The experience had a very positive effect on my team as well. After the event, we were discussing further ways to help the community of Washington PA. One scribe in particular offered a unique idea to volunteer at Skilled Nursing Facilities where a fair amount of patient’s are discharged to complete rehabilitation. Their rationale was to continue to build on the relationship that was formed during his/her hospital stay. This excellent idea is in the works for a future day of volunteering. As a manger, it is great to see my team genuinely caring about their work and trying to make the community a better place beyond their clinical duties as a scribe. Healthcare, at its roots, is a desire to helps others. By going above and beyond through community service, you fulfill that desire and help make the world a better place.

    I want to end with a question to all of you. What goals/plans do you all have to keep your team involved and engaged with the community this year?

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