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  • Community Outreach

  • Nadia Lee
    Chief Scribe

    Hi RMs,

    What is everyone planning for your community outreach events this year?


    Sibel Tekeli
    Senior Project Leader

    Some ideas that are getting tossed around amongst my sites are visiting local shelters to volunteer and participating in any local fundraising events like a 5k or something similar. However, nothing solid yet! I would actually also love to here other people’s ideas. I know some of my sites in central Cali would be willing to collaborate with the rest of the west region!

    Michael Melnick
    Regional Manager

    We contacted Habitat for Humanity.  Originally they wanted us to work in a Salvation Army / Goodwill type of store, but I could tell the scribes weren’t super interested in it.  We pushed it back a few weeks so we could help out in the community via an event where they  are having the 3rd annual A Brush with Kindness beginning <span class=”aBn” tabindex=”0″ data-term=”goog_1638667447″><span class=”aQJ”>June 1</span></span>.  ABWK is a neighborhood revitalization program that helps low income homeowners maintain the exterior of their homes through things like painting or power washing the home, landscaping, fence repair and other minor exterior home repairs.

    Jaclyn Labor
    Regional Manager

    From the Community Outreach Survey, so many scribes expressed interest in volunteering at local food banks/kitchens.  DC has a large homeless population and it seems that our team has a strong desire to engage with these individuals- ones who we all too often see in our EDs throughout the are.  There are a few awesome volunteer kitchens that are able to accommodate large groups of to prepare meals- now just to find a good date that works!

    Erin Winebarger Miller
    Regional Manager

    A lot of our clients have various fundraisers and pre-planned events and need volunteers, so those are fun to help out with too! We’re helping with a 5K this weekend to help raise money for a national association associated with the client’s specialty.

    Ana Santiesteban

    Good Day All,

    I wanted to share this website:

    VolunteerMatch, is an American nonprofit organization best known for its web services, which aim to strengthen communities by making it easier for people to find good causes.

    VolunteerMatch Logo

    Ariel Mulchan

    Thanks for sharing this! This is a great way to get involved in our communities!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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