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  • Before Your Next Decision, Ask Whether It’s Strategic, Significant, or Quick

  • Ariel Mulchan
    When you have to make a lot of decisions, it’s easy to make them all the same way. But you shouldn’t spend an equal amount of time on each decision — if you do, you’ll shortchange some and waste time on others. To be more efficient, sort decisions into three categories: strategic, significant, and quick. Strategic decisions are often analytically and organizationally complex and have the potential to impact the long-term direction of your company. They require the most time and attention, as well as a rigorous, comprehensive process. Significant decisions require a sound business case, and can add up to considerable investment, but aren’t critically important on their own. Tailor your process to each one, spending more time on those that are more complicated. Quick decisions aren’t complex, and can often be delegated to others. Consider coming up with straightforward rules and checklists to help you make these decisions as quickly as possible.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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