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  • Automating the Integrity/OT reports for the CSMR

  • Michael Melnick
    Regional Manager

    If you’re like me, you hate running these reports.  I spent the better part of 90 minutes doing them this morning for all the sites in my region.

    You can set WorkDay up to run these reports automatically for you on the 25th of every month.  Once it is ran, it will be in your “W Drive” on WorkDay.

    1. Run the full <span class=”il”>report</span> as normal by hand
    2. Click the 3 dot action box after the <span class=”il”>report</span> name
    3. Custom <span class=”il”>Report</span> > Schedule
    4. Change Run Frequency to “Monthly Recurrence”
    5. Under “Request Name” change it to a custom name for the site  (ABC Integrity Hours etc)
    6. Under “Project for Worker Time Block” search for the contract abbreviation in the “value” column, then click through all the cost centers as you do in the normal <span class=”il”>report</span>.
    7. Under “Starting Created On” change “Specify Value” to “Determine value at run time” then under the “Value” column, click global fields > Date > “current date minus one month”
    8. Under “ending created on” change “Specify Value” to “Determine value at run time” then under the “Value” column, click global fields > Date > yesterday
    9. Click on the Schedule tab, choose the “Every Month” as the recurrence criteria and run it on the 25th day of each month.  Choose whatever start time you want to run the <span class=”il”>report</span>.
    10. Under “Range of Recurrence” choose the 25th of next month,  Make the end date 5/25/2018.
    11. Click on Output and make sure excel highlights.
    12. You are done, it will run automatically for you every month.
    13. Repeat for each site.  You will need to set this for the OT <span class=”il”>report</span> and for the Integrity <span class=”il”>report separately. </span>

    Use the extra time to take a nap.  (HIGHLY recommended alternative)

    Michael Melnick
    Regional Manager

    Also, it should be noted that this is only useful for sites that are not expanding into new locations, since you can’t add a cost center to the report at a later date.

    Joseph Spellman
    Regional Manager

    HI Mike,


    Thanks for the tip! Can you only check the data once a month, or can you set up for recurrence and then check in weekly? I run my manual report weekly and I would need to get an updated report at that time.


    Thanks again!

    Michael Melnick
    Regional Manager

    Hi Joe,

    For right now, no.  But that’s a good idea I can look into.  I run the reports by hand every Monday.  For my region, to do the integrity and OT reports, takes me about an hour at this point.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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