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  • 3 Best Practices for Managing Employees Across Multiple Locations

  • Michael Keane

    By working for a large company, you understand that managing employees across multiple locations is tough. You may deal with issues like internal miscommunication, confusion or misinterpretation of company policies and loss of productivity.

    However, there are steps you can take to minimize or avoid these management problems. Check out these 3 Best Practices for Managing Employees Over Multiple Locations:

    1. Set clear expectations
    Create a set of clear, standard expectations for employee behavior, regardless of location. This ensures all employees understand what they’re supposed to be doing from the very beginning, which will lead to more efficient and consistent work.

    Some areas to set expectations include:

    -Company values, culture and goals
    -Company policies
    -Flexibility of work hours
    -Paid time off
    -Paid/unpaid sick leave
    -Employee communication

    2. Utilize Technology
    Technology can be a useful tool when managing employees at multiple locations. Here are a few ways you can use technology to manage employees:

    -Employee time and attendance tracking
    -Intranet sites for posting company documents, news, etc.
    -Video and phone conference calls
    -Employment law data apps (Such as GovDocs Minimum Wage)
    -Bringing employees together through technology creates a community working toward a single goal, rather than single     locations focusing on separate company goals.

    3. Establish and Maintain Open Communication
    Establish a communication plan to ensure your locations feel connected to the rest of the company. Also, establish an “open communication” policy that gives your locations clear directions on how to keep in contact with the corporate office.

    The following items manage and maintain communication:

    -Technology (as mentioned above)
    -Regular location visits from managers or company leadership
    -Employee training, including new employee orientation and ongoing employee education
    -Monthly company policy updates for all employees

    These three best practices for managing employees across multiple locations can help your company become one integrated team. Keep these in mind as you continue to strengthen and maintain your company culture.

    Ana Santiesteban

    Michael, what a great read and how helpful as many of our managers are remote from their teams.  I would strongly agree that setting clear expectations, utilizing technology and keeping communication key will make for effective management.  Additionally although teams are remote they can still take part in team building activities.  Such as manager requesting each team member to give them three fun facts about themselves.  The manager can then create a spreadsheet to share with the team and see how well team members know each other. This will generate virtual conversation and hopefully bring each other closer together.  Another way to utilize technology would be to participate in a video conferencing vs. phone conferencing to be able to see each other as non verbal communication (facial expressions) are important parts of communicatio and keep the team more engaged.

    Thank you for sharing.


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