HealthChannels on the Hill

As part of our community of over 25,000 scribes and care team assistants, you see firsthand how we’re helping providers deliver better “top of license” care to their patients, reduce burnout, and help care teams run more efficiently. We’re proud of the meaningful impact we’ve made in the healthcare industry. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to share about our work on Capitol Hill. We wanted to share four quick stories of some of the work we’ve done on the Hill, and how these opportunities may further improve the delivery of care.

Supporting Our Active Duty Personnel

We have discussed scribes with the Department of Defense, highlighting the ways they can support EMR transitions and improve patient access. Our company has always been committed to our servicemembers – whether advocating for improved care models, or raising funds through golf tournaments or other events – so it has been a privilege to be part of discussions that will help improve care for our active duty personnel.

Scribes in the VA

In mid-2018 Congress passed the VA Mission Act which established a medical scribe pilot program to address provider burnout. We had eagerly tracked the progress of that act and spoke with many about the benefits of scribes. The pilot is still yet to begin, and we look forward to seeing how medical scribes can help providers improve the delivery of care to our brave veterans!

Notable Conversations

We have had the opportunity to sit down with numerous Congressional leaders, and representatives from HHS, CMS and more. Most recently we spoke with Senator Bill Cassidy from Lousianna, a physician who has a long record of developing programs to improve the health of residents in the greater Baton Rouge area, and currently serves on the Health and Veterans Affairs committees (among others). We have also met with members of the House of Representatives, including Rep. Ted Deutch (FL-22), Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-12), and Greg Walden (OR-2). We’ve been honored to be part of these conversations, and to learn that we have members on the Hill who understand the important role scribes and CTAs. They are committed to improving patient outcomes, and know scribes play a fundamental role in that process.

The Future of Healthcare

Whether it’s the DoD, CMS or Congress, we have been honored to contribute to conversations that will help shape the future of healthcare in the U.S. We’ve been able to share some wonderful and innovative ideas in these discussions. We’ve shared how Speke and TeleScribes can help drive clinical capacity while keeping our scribes safe during pandemics like COVID-19. We have discussed the importance of data capture as we think about disease management. And we’ve explored how our teams can help with contact tracing to identify and manage the spread of COVID-19.

While the first half of 2020 has been challenging and tested our resolve, we’re optimistic that better days are ahead. We’re grateful for the work our leaders on the Hill are doing and look forward to the future policies and programs that help address provider challenges and improve the quality of care for patients.