7 More Hysterically Absurd ICD-10 Codes

As a follow up to our earlier post, 7 Hysterically Absurd ICD-10 Codes, here are 7 even more hysterically absurd ICD-10 codes:

Bizarre Personal Appearance (R46.1)

This code was added at the last minute after Lady GaGa was injured by a pack of dogs while wearing a meat dress at a benefit to raise money for the Vegan Society. In case you’re wondering, after refunds were given she raised $18.37.

Struck by a Duck, Initial Encounter (W61.62XA)

It’d be just my luck if I had a buck every time I was struck by a duck in a truck with a cup and got stuck.

Unspecified event, undetermined intent (Y34)

I can see this code being used a lot at 4:59pm on a Friday…

Asphyxiation Due to Being Trapped in a Discarded Refrigerator, Accidental (T71.231A)

According to NASA, the average person needs .84kilograms (kg) of O2 a day to live, while at rest you only need about 300mL/minute x 60minutes/hour x 24hours/day = 432Litres (L)/day. Since the mass of 1 mole of O2 is 32grams (g) and 1 mole of any gas has a volume of 22.4L, the number of mole/day is 432L/day / 22.4L/moles = 19.28moles. The mass of O2 needed per day is then 19.28moles x 32g/mole = 617g or 0.617kg of Oxygen per day. Most refrigerators are between 14 – 18ft3, for this example let’s assume you got the big boy, 18ft3 = .51 cubic meters (c3). The volume in L in c3 is 1000L/m3. Twenty-one percent of the atmosphere consists of O2 by volume. So, 1000L of air consists of 0.21 x .51 L = .11L of O2. One mole of any gas at STP has a volume of 22.4L. Therefore .11L of O2 is .11L/22.4L/mole = 2.46moles. The mass of 2.46moles of Oxygen is: 2.46moles x 32g/mole = 78g or 0.078kg. So .078kg / .617kg/day = .13 or 13%. In summary a person could survive for 3:12mins in a refrigerator before asphyxiating. What activity requires you to stay in a discarded refrigerator for 3:13mins?

Hit or Struck by Falling Object Due to Canoe or Kayak (V91.35)

How many times do we have to tell you, when canoeing/kayaking through a construction zone, you MUST wear a hardhat.

Walked Into a Lamppost, subsequent encounter (W22.2XD)

So a guy walks into a lamppost and the lamppost says, “Hey! I’m working here!”

Encounter with Concrete Object While Temporarily Blind Due to Pool Being Over Chlorinated at Undetermined Motel While on Family Vacation to Unspecified Theme Park

Okay, this code doesn’t exist but it is how I chipped my tooth in the summer of ’95. – John LaRosa