7 Hysterically Absurd ICD-10 Codes

After many delays, the US healthcare system made the switch to the new ICD-10 coding system. There are 68,000 billing codes under the new ICD-10 system, as opposed to a meager 13,000 under the old ICD-9. The thousands of new codes are intended to help to better accommodate new technologies and procedures and provide better data for evaluating and improving the quality of patient care.

However, a few of these new codes might leave you scratching your head. Just don’t scratch too hard, or you could end up with a laceration without foreign body of unspecified part of head (ICD-10-Code S01.91). Check out 7 of the most absurd ICD-10 codes below.

Bitten by a Cow (ICD-10 code W22.51)

According to the CDC cattle killed 108 people between 2003 – 2008. Data from the National Safety Council proves sinister steers are more deadly than sharks.

vampire cow

Accident While Knitting or Crocheting (ICD-10 code Y93.D1)

The highly competitive world of underground knitting and crocheting will chew you up and spit you out. Not for the faint of heart.

Prolonged Stay in Weightless Environment (ICE-10 code X52)

Extra-terrestrials need healthcare too.

Hurt at the Library (ICD-10 code Y92.241)

Hit the books, don’t let the books hit you.

Killer Books

Struck by Orca, Initial Encounter (ICD-10 code W56.22.07)

Don’t ever tell an Orca that Free Willy was a box office flop.

Struck by Macaw (ICE-10 code W61.12)

It has been said that some species of bird can remember you for as long as 5 years! I’ve always appreciated the magnificent colors of Macaws, now I’ll respect their airspace.

Dive Bombing Macaw

Unspecified Spacecraft Accident Injuring Occupant (ICD-10 code V92.40)

Next time you’re in a “weather balloon”, please observe the fasten seat belt sign.