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Scribe Story #10

Keeping Focused on Your “WHY”

Rezwana Hoque, MPAS, PA-C

After feeling burned out from 8 months of PA school my first year, I seriously considered quitting medicine. I didn’t think I was suited to work as a Physician Assistant and honestly I didn’t think I was good enough to be a PA. I had forgotten my childhood dream of WHY I wanted this career path so badly that I endured so much struggle. So I decided I needed to retrace my steps.

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This Just In

HealthChannels on the Hill

As part of our community of over 25,000 scribes and care team assistants, you see firsthand how we’re helping providers deliver better “top of license” care to their patients, reduce burnout, and help care teams run more efficiently. We’re proud of the meaningful impact we’ve made in the healthcare industry. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to share about our work on Capitol Hill. We wanted to share four quick stories of some of the work we’ve done on the Hill, and how these opportunities may further improve the delivery of care.

Workplace Tips to Increase Productivity & Avoid Burnout

Throughout 2019, we have been gathering workplace tips to improve workplace communication, leadership skills and more. We would then share these tips with different team members to help ease workloads and fight workplace burnout. From creating a work environment that allows you to work as productively as possible, to email tips and tricks, here is a re-cap of the best tips from 2019.

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Ergonomic Workstation Exercises for Scribes

Here are a few tips to engage in some activity. You can do all these exercises and stretches sitting in your chair. Try to incorporate them in your daily schedule and in the end, you will be happy you did! Start doing these during your breaks and involve the colleague sitting next to you too.

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What's in Season?

The Scribing Scripture

Providers often rely on scribes to increase the quality and efficiency of patient care; decrease wait times, consequently improving patient satisfaction; and decrease physician burnout, especially at sites with high-patient volumes. However, you too can get your share of advantages from this position. Learn more about the practice of scribing and some of the benefits of the role, along with a few tips on how to capitalize on those benefits.

Honoring Our Veterans

Military Spotlight: ScribeAmerica Team Member

Michael Coburn: Information Security Manager

As a member of a strong military family, Michael Coburn has been immersed in the service lifestyle his entire life. As a child, his family frequently moved across the country from one Army base to another, and even spent three years living overseas in Germany. It was the way of life that he knew well […]

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Military Spotlight: ScribeAmerica Team Member

Bradley Price: Operations Supervisor

When Bradley Price announced to his parents in 2008 that he was enlisting in the U.S. army, he did so with the goal of a future in healthcare, and in memory of his grandfathers. Both men on his paternal and maternal side served their country—one as marine, and the other an Army Ranger.

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Military Spotlight: Doug Ingram, President, QueueLogix

Dress Right, DRESS

QueueLogix President Doug Ingram remembers the call to action “Right Dress Right,” from his time in the military. When the platoon marched, even if it was only to the mess hall to eat, the spacing between individuals had to be impeccable. Each person was an integral part of the whole. For Ingram, “Right Dress Right” stands for personal accountability. A business lesson he credits to his military service.

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Veteran Organization Spotlight

Lead The Way Fund

ScribeAmerica has a longstanding connection with veterans and the U.S. Army Rangers. Michael Murphy, M.D., ScribeAmerica’s founder and CEO, is guided by two passions – improving patient care and the provider experience, and supporting those who serve our country. The latter was forged during his service as a special operations soldier in the U.S. Army 1st Ranger Battalion where standards were elevated above regular military expectations. It also influenced his personal philanthropy to veteran causes and the company’s commitment to supporting veterans.

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Golf Brand Ambassadors

Raising Awareness of our Veterans Through Golf

The 2019 HealthChannels Fore the Brave Pro-Am Charity Golf Tournament took place on January 28th at the Floridian National Golf Club in Palm City, Florida. The beautiful course combined with our participants generosity provided an opportunity to serve military veterans, and play a meaningful round of golf.

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Brand Ambassadors

We are proud to introduce our HealthChannels Golf Ambassadors – professional golfers who we will support through the 2019 season. They will carry custom ScribeAmerica camouflage golf bags on tour this year, representing ScribeAmerica and HealthChannels' ongoing commitment to veterans.

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Scribes in the Community

Amy Palma: Not Your Average Night Shift Scribe

Some call me crazy, but not because of how I act. As I walk into my night shift in the Emergency Department, I am always asked if I worked during the day. Your average night shifter would sleep during the day to prepare for work. I'm not that average. I work crazy hours and my schedule is very hectic so my answer is usually yes. Most days, I work up to 20 hours between two jobs. I currently work as a Medical Scribe in the ED during the overnight shift and as a Veterinary Technician during the day. I also volunteer as a certified EMT during my free time.

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Olivia Kuhn: Dedicated to Helping Others

Olivia Kuhn, Chief Scribe understands the importance of giving back to her community and helping those in need. We highlight her determinations to make a difference in the lives of others in this month’s Scribes in the Community piece. The interview below gives a summary of one of her passions, providing services for children and adults via Equine Therapy.

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