West Region

Regional Spotlight: West: Salt Lake City, UT

In 2015, Cheyanne Hancock began working as an emergency department medical scribe in her home state of Texas. She enjoyed the fast-paced ED environment, and absorbed all of the information she could. At one point, she paused her work with ScribeAmerica due to a move. Upon her return, she reached out to a Chief Scribe who was aware of her strong work ethic, and checked to see if there were any available opportunities. There were, and she was invited to apply to be a Chief Scribe. That was the beginning of a series of unexpected promotions that has led to Cheyanne’s current move to Utah.

Once Cheyanne was back in her element in the ED, she settled into the new role of Chief Scribe, managing scribe scheduling and reporting for the providers. She thoroughly enjoyed the day to day problem solving, and challenges. “I liked taking on a leadership role,” says Hancock. “I was able to make a lot of friendships, and learn a lot from the providers.”

In May of 2018, Director of Operations, Rebekah Sawyer arrived at the ED to review how a new EMR implementation was panning out. Although Cheyanne was nervous, she had never used the system before, she had familiarized herself enough to lead the scribes through a successful demo session. Rebekah told Cheyanne she was impressed by what she had witnessed, and provided her with career guidance.

“She told me she saw I had leadership potential, and suggested I apply for the Project Manager position. That changed my whole outlook on life,” says Hancock. The recognition gave Cheyanne a boost of confidence, she became determined to perform at the highest levels in her role. As she continued to flourish in the Chief Scribe position, she applied for the Project Manager role, consulting with Sawyer along the way. When she was offered the job, she learned she would be heading to Utah.

“I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the challenge, but seeing how much Rebekah believed in me helped to silence any doubts I may have had. I am beyond thankful to have her as a mentor.”

Cheyanne accepted the Project Manager position, and with the help of the training team, Briana Fuller, Daniel Rogers and Cody Allen, she moved to Utah to begin her first implementation. Though she’s now quite far from Texas, Cheyanne describes herself as the child who her parents always knew would travel. She’s excited to start the adventure, hiring scribes for her site, and visiting local attractions.

“I’m one of those people who believes if you want something, you are capable of achieving it as long as you put in the work,” says Hancock. “I’m steadily achieving higher ranks. My goal is to keep going!”

My First Five Days as A Project Manager: Utah

Monday: This morning I woke up around 7 am, and went downstairs at the hotel for breakfast. I had oatmeal with nuts and brown sugar. At 10 am I was supposed to have an interview with a new potential scribe. She is actually in Canada right now, so we were unable to get a good connection. We rescheduled for a time she is back in the States. I then spoke with Mirembe on the phone at 11 am for an interview about my first week in Utah. Next, I had lunch in my room, Spaghettio’s! After lunch, I mentally prepared myself for my first client meeting. I showered and was ready a little early, so I went ahead and left for the clinic. I met with Ashleigh Ballard at the clinic and we had the client meeting. After the meeting we sat at Starbucks and discussed our next steps. I then went and had dinner at Chili’s with a friend. The remainder of my day was a restful afternoon watching Friends on Netflix! Today, the weather was the warmest I have seen thus far in Utah, but as always, the views have been gorgeous.

Tuesday: I woke up this morning around 9 am and had a bowl of cereal in my hotel room. I also went and switched my rental truck, a Toyota Tacoma, to a rental car, Toyota Corolla, today. Gas is very expensive here, compared to back home. Both vehicles are very nice, but just not my car! I have done some recruiting and added our providers to Workday today as well. Next is lunch, probably some Ramen Noodles! Since I have not been badged yet, I may go find a hiking trail today, not sure yet though!

Wednesday: I woke up this morning and had breakfast at the hotel again. I then spent all of my morning recruiting, setting up interviews, and sending emails. I also hired two people today for the new implementation. I ended up hiking yesterday and it was gorgeous, as I expected. I ended up lost today in Downtown Salt Lake City. My phone died, and I was just driving around. I ended up at an animal shelter and signed up to do volunteer work. I will start tomorrow evening with orientation. I am still waiting for my badge for the new facility so I can begin shadow shifts. Waiting is the worst part of this process so far!

Thursday: Today I woke up and had breakfast at the hotel once again. I spent the morning at the animal shelter playing and taking care of the dogs housed there. I have missed my fur babies so much from back home! I then had a conference call with my region and did some recruiting. We are still waiting on our badges for the facility. I had a good home cooked meal from Cracker Barrel for dinner, and ended the day with some friends I met by the pool.

Friday: This morning I woke up and had another bowl of cereal. I had one interview with a candidate at Starbucks. He was a very strong candidate, and I feel like he will be a good fit for our program. I sent him an offer email, and updated our new contract spreadsheet with my new hires information. I was supposed to receive a package from home today, but something was confused with the drop off location. I ended up going to 3 different post offices, but luckily tracked my stuff down. It was a hectic afternoon with all of the running around. I then had dinner at Red Lobster. A group of people I met invited me to a party tonight, so I’ll be going to that later in the night. Overall, I would say it has been a good week, even though I have not been able to work in clinic yet

Fun Facts:

Salt Lake City skyline showing the Mormon Temple in downtown backed by the Wasatch Mountains in northern Utah
  • The Great Salt Lake covers 2,100 square miles, with an average depth of 13 feet. The deepest point is 34 feet.
  • Salt Lake City was originally named the Great Salt Lake City. Great was dropped from the name in 1868.
  • The average snowfall in the mountains near Salt Lake City is 500 inches.


Things To Do:

  • Must go on their numerous hiking trails
    • Patsy Mine Trail
    • Hornet Creek Waterfall Section
    • Wolverine Trail

These are the trails I have gone done so far, and I cannot wait to go down a few more!

  • Hill AFB Museum is also a must go to
  • You also have to see what concerts will be going on at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. I will be seeing Journey and Def Leppard in September, and I am beyond excited!


What To Eat:

  • For dinner one night you must go to Roosters Brewing. Their burgers were amazing! If you are a beer fan try a Patio Pilsner, it was light and flavorful!
  • Other suggestions include;
    • Red Iguana
    • Tin Roof Grill
    • Nielson’s
    • Pat’s BBQ