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Michael Melnick
Regional Manager

Hi Rama,

I’m going to view this as a site I just took over from another SPL/RM so I think a restructure.  This is a bit tricky.  Given that the shifts are 8 hours long and I have two full time scribes, that means that they have to work 36 hours each, which is 4.5 shifts, in order to keep their FT status.  If we split a day between them, that would work.  Ideally I wouldn’t have any FT status staff here, but I would make it so that my part timers were able to work 3-4 shifts or 2-3 shifts per week.  I don’t want to take shifts from them so they lose their benefits, but I don’t want to back-fill a full time position, because it paints us into a corner.

While it is fine in the short term, long term this site has too many trainers.  With the CS, QAS, and x2 FT, that is 4 trainers.  Per the Quantity of Floor Trainers policy, a staff with only 12 scribes only qualifies for 3 trainers (which includes the CS and QAS).

Since we are only staffing 24 hours per day, we do not qualify for a QAS per the QAS and QAM promotion parameters so something has to change here.

Assuming the CS is in school, I think it would be ok if they only worked 4-5 clinical shifts per month, as long as s/he was able to do a few shadow half-shifts throughout the month.  For a site that has 24 hours per day, we have about 21 or so hours per month to play with for integrity time.  Assuming 1 hour for CSMR, 1 for the schedule, 1-2 for emails, that still leaves us with 17 hours to play with, or 4 half days, which is perfect.

Look at the trainers and the QAS and evaluate them for who truly is the best and/or is training.  Just because we qualify for 3 trainers doesn’t mean we NEED trainers.  I would demote the FT to regular scribe, but give them, say, a 50 cent decrease in pay.  Demote the QAS to a Trainer at $11/hr.  S/he doesn’t have to do QA anymore, but would still be expected to help others in need when the CS is not there.

Another option:  We are “horribly” overstaffed here.  To the tune of 152%.  While that is great for a large site, this isn’t one.  Do I have any TJPL or JPL candidates here?  Let’s look at that QAS and the trainers:  Can any of them be cross-trained and loaned out to a nearby program?  Maybe an OP program?  That would take some of the scheduling burden off of my back and get them their hours.  I could justify keeping their current pay by cross training them, but the QAS position needs to go either way.

Third option: Trim the fat.  There are usually 1-2 scribes who just…aren’t as good.  Either make them better through remedial training or get them out.

I didn’t quite answer it the way you were looking for I think, but I didn’t like the parameters I was given, so I won’t accept them.  It’s my site (as owner) and I need to make it profitable, so I need to make some tough and creative choices here.  Getting rid of the FT burden (PTO and insurance) saves money ($400 each for PTO and no clue on insurance costs), losing the QAS pay rate saves about $1250 per year in salary at 3 shifts per week.  Not counting the insurance, it just saved us over $2,000/yr just by eliminating the QAS and FT positions, and cross-training scribes to another site ensures that we both won’t have OT or open shifts..