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Annie Poe
Project Manager

Hi Jordan,

Great goals! I completely agree that having a strong site with excited, ambitious scribes is key to not only a successful program, but a successful team dynamic and camaraderie. Growth is also another important goal to have as that is a goal for the company as a whole.

I really appreciate your personal goal as well! It is important to always push yourself to be better in whatever position you’re in and feeling more confident in your abilities as a manager is so satisfying!

The way I view the company’s vision is short and sweet, but all-encompassing:

To be the standard in the scribe industry and by doing so, provide better healthcare to patients through our work with providers; to continue to grow in innovative ways while maintaining the best quality of service; to build a strong sense of teamwork across all the regions.

My vision for the region are to have sustainable growth with high quality programs and maintain strong, stable programs that continue to optimize.

In addition, I want to continue to improve upon our team morale and provide our managers and scribes the right tools and skills to be successful in their roles.

Let me know if you want me to clarify anything or have any questions! Thanks for responding, Jordan!
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