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Jordan Yeager
Chief Scribe

Hi Annie,

Great post to think about. I guess for me, I have a couple goals that I have in mind. I guess the first one would be to provide the two sites that I oversee with ambitious, excited scribes. I am sure this is one for everyone, but I really look for people that show me that they are passionate about getting into the medical field and exceling. This in turn would decreased turnover and staffing issues. It also provides the sites with top quality scribes that have a good working relationship with the providers of the site.

Another goal is continual growth. The first site that I was CS of has flourished into an amazing place to work at. At first, like any site, they were apprehensive. There was one provider that was not using us for the longest time. After establishing ourselves and showing great work, we are used by all providers and are sought after every shift. I attribute that to the scribes as well as the consistency in training. My other site, we still have two providers that don’t use us because of the dictation microphone. It is my goal, like the other site, to show great, consistent work so that eventually we have the same sought after environment there as the other site.

Lastly, as I don’t want to take up this whole post, is a goal for myself. When I first started in 2015, I was very new to a managerial role. Now in 2017, I have become more confident in my choices and more consistent with deadlines, expectations, feedback.

How about you? I would like to hear what your vision is regarding your area?

  • Jordan