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Adam Rankin
Regional Manager

Total Shifts: 21

2 Full-Time Scribes: Each works 4 shifts/week for a total of 8 shifts/week covered. 38%

8 Part-Time Scribes: Each works 1-2 shifts per week for a total of 10 shifts/week covered. 47%

CS works 2 shifts/week 9%

QAS works 1 shift/week  4%

Total shifts covered: 21


I think you want to start with your least-expensive but able to work most scribes, your full-timers. Coming from that background myself I always worked 4-5 shifts/week, while my CS worked maybe 3. I cost less to pay, but wanted to work full-time. These are your scribes who will cover most of your shifts, and usually are your strongest depending on how long they have been there.

Next you have your part-timers pick up approximately 10 shifts per week. They again are less expensive, but have more availability to pick up open shifts when needed.

Your QAS works 1-2 shifts/week. This allows them to do QAS duties including chart-reviews while on the floor, keeping integrity hours down, and ensuring quality is being kept.

Your CS works 2 shifts/week. This allows them to be there at the beginning of the week, address any problems/concerns, and also keeps them open for other duties. This allows them to be on the floor during “normal business hours” to address any concerns from administration, and also allows them to keep a good pulse on their program without getting overworked. This also keeps cost down significantly only having them work 2 shifts/week because just like the QAS, they can do other tasks while on the floor like making the schedule.