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Jackie Reynolds
Executive Management Team

I couldn’t agree more that TED Talks is a great resource for professional development and inspiration! You can find so many different topics on TED Talks that are meaningful for both professional and personal growth.

Other resources I find helpful for professional development are literature in the form of books, articles, forums, and subscriptions. A common resource I use is HBR.org as they have a wide variety of topics available to read and educate yourself on. One example that is pertinent to all of us is How to decide which tasks to delegate. You can also sign up for articles to be sent directly to you with HBR newsletters. For example, management tip of the day, or HBRs monthly leadership newsletter. This is a good way to keep the content coming your way especially on days or weeks that you find yourself very busy.

I hope others find TED Talks, HBR and other resources helpful for their growth an development.