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Ana Santiesteban


What a great reminder to have work-life balance!  Although we always want to do our best and get it all done.  We must make sure to personally and mentally take care of ourselves as it can seep into our professional lives.  I think the first tip is a great reminder for Type A personality (raises my own hand).  Sometimes you have to take a step back and not look at the complexity but how you can break down projects into achievable tasks.  It’s not about perfection but progression.  The unplug tip is a great reminders as well as you can not ALWAYS be accessible.  My mother is a realtor and encourage her to have “working hours” such as 9:00am-9:00pm.  To allow her a time to stop her day and decompress from the day.

One more tip I would like to add from Operation Peacock Operation Peacock is before each day to take about thirty minutes to plan your day.  Make sure to leave time for interruptions and “fires” that came up as we all know the day never goes quite as planned.