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Vanessa Rand
Hiring Manager

Hi Chandra,

Thanks for sharing this idea! Our very large Colorado region was the first region to implement this recruitment idea. Within the first 6 weeks of implementing this recruitment task our evergreen averaged 25 new candidates per week compared to an average of 8.67 candidates per week prior to starting the recruiting task. That is a 288% increase in candidates over a 6 week period!

The part that the Colorado leadership seemed to struggle with the most is keeping up with the recruiting tasks during our heavy attrition season (April to August). While the tasks are quite simple, there tended to be some difficulty completing the tasks by the set deadlines.  To combat this issue we decided to extend the deadlines so that the tasks are being completed over a 2 week span instead of switching on a weekly basis. This change has seemed to help quite a bit and the leadership team has improved their participation.

Hope this was helpful!