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Michael Melnick
Regional Manager

Hi Jordan and Chasin,

If you are looking for some general topics for an ASM, professionalism in the workplace is always a good one.  Marly had shared a great power point with me a few months back, I think one of her Chief Scribes made it.  It took me about an hour to get through just this for one of my sites that needed it.  For others I just picked and chose certain parts.

Other great things to add are recognition slides, so it’s not all negative:

  • The month before the quarterly meeting, pick a scribe who has gone above and beyond (picking up shifts, been a mentor, great attitude etc) and get them the $10 Starbucks Gift Card that is built into your budget.  Just email hr@scribeamerica.com and provide the scribe’s name and personal email.  I survey all my chief scribes once per quarter on this using THIS form.  Add a selfie of the scribe who was the winner.
  • Get a list of people who were accepted to Med School / PA School etc and give them a shout out.
  • Community Outreach: What we are doing this quarter and what ideas people might have for next quarter