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Danielle Rodgers
Project Manager

Can we take a minute to talk about gifs?

I’ve found that it is becoming more difficult to express myself without the use of a gif. Feeling frustrated? There’s a gif for that. Feeling sarcastic? There’s a gif for that as well. Feel like smashing your computer screen with a keyboard but don’t want just say “I feel like smashing my computer with my keyboard?” You guessed it, there’s a gif for that as well.

Serious moment… is it a soft g as in “giraffe,” or is it a hard g as in “gum?” It stands for “Graphics Interchange Format” so you would think it’s pronounced with a hard g as in “graphic” yet somehow there is still an argument…

Regardless of its pronunciation, if you want to show the world how you’re truly feeling, and you just can’t seem to find the right words… try a gif!