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Tre Hellwig, CMSS
Chief Scribe

One of my favorite movies is Meet the Robinsons!

You know, the one with the smart, driven orphan who travels to the future to find his parents only to find his true purpose in life!  Well if you haven’t(<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>you should</span>) the main message of the movie is that no matter what, keep moving forward!

This message can have many meanings, but the one I embrace the most is to improve on everything!  If you bring this idea to work, you not only look to benefit yourself, but those around you and who will follow behind you!  As our central objective, we provide a service to improve the care of the patient.  So by optimizing, innovating and expanding what you do, you can ultimately impact far more than just those you have direct contact with.

Use this idea to address issues at your sites and find a way to touch everyone you work with!  You are capable of changing the world, just Keep Moving Forward!