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Joshua Guilland
Chief Scribe

Blood donation.

I got a shirt for donating that says ‘Texas’ and ‘American Donor’ in granite lettering and it has a star in the middle that is also an American flag. I like to time how long it takes me to donate and compare to others because anything good can be made better through the magic of competition and boasting.

Why you should donate blood:

-You get as many snacks and drinks as you want afterward. I recommend V8 or cranberry juice in order to keep the balance of Red within your body constant.


-Donating blood is great social signalling- it proves that: you care about others enough to give something that you unequivocally feel the loss of, you are less frail than others and free of certain bloodborne pathogens, and you aren’t a fraidy-cat in at least one way.  These can also be phrased as boasts (“Oh, I really just do it to level the playing field for normal humans…”).

-People donating blood has no substitute, saves lives, and within your blood type no one can do more than anyone else. You and Bill Gates are equal in your capacity and responsibility to donate blood.

-Unlike many other forms of charity it is hard to make the case that people who receive donated blood would be better off without it or would be more efficiently served by an alternative intervention.

-It’s super easy and doesn’t take much time compared to the impact.  Just google a place, drink a little water, and go there.

Make fun of a friend for being too chicken to donate blood today!