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Norg’e Tisdol
Regional Manager

Due to recently transitioning into a new region, I am trying to find that work-life balance again with stabilizing my sites. I’ve started to have that work-life balance, but it may be short lived as I will face significant turnover next summer for 3-4 of my larger sites with complex scheduling. My plan is to start recruiting and transitioning out the scribes in April/May so that I don’t have too many negative consequences of the turnover, but we know how tricky that can be at times.

The thing I typically neglect is setting limits as Julie said. My husband constantly reminds me of that and helps me to set them on the weekend when I can’t turn it off. I will be using the Do Not Disturb function on my phone starting next year, that is one of my New Year’s resolutions so I can maintain the balance and my weekends.