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Julie Casteel
Regional Manager

The goal I have for my region is to get it so stable it essentially runs itself. It took me about 6 months into the transition to be able to start to work on a work-life balance and this was really key to feeling like I could step away. In the interim, as you get there, you want to try to set things up right.  Example, mentoring your team so well that they’re all S4 or set recurring reminders on tasks (CSMR sign ups, sending out mail merge check ins, etc) so you can manage little things on autopilot. The hard work now will pay off.

Regardless, the biggest thing will be in setting limits. Example, not working weekends or into the wee hours of the night. I literally block my weekends off in my calendar so I have to override my preferences and others don’t schedule calls then. I’ll let my team know when I’m going off the radar for the weekend (usually, I’ll check my email a few times) and then delegate to my #2s. If something really significant comes up, they can call me.