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Cameron Crist
Chief Scribe

Our purpose is to assist providers so that they can provide better quality care to their patients. What I mean by this is much more. It’s not just the care they get that’s being affected, its how they feel when they leave the room.  I’ve seen providers without a scribe and with a scribe.

Those without are usually scattered and struggling to enter items into the EMR.  They either document in the room and they rarely look at the patient, or they <span style=”background-color: #f6d5d9;”>leave the room and attempt to remember everything, and then they miss crucial information that might have coded the chart to another level or allowed the patient to leave feeling improved or relieved.  The key during these types of visits is that the patient doesn’t feel like the care they received was quality care. </span>

When the provider is documenting in the room, it makes the patient feel like they’re not listening.  Like they don’t matter, like they’re just another notch on their belt, thus making them feel non-existent.  This leads individuals to question their care or the provider’s intention and makes them sometimes refrain from seeing providers leading to non-compliance. There are many more outcomes, but this is one I see regularly.

When they have a scribe the mindset of what makes a good provider, for me, changes.  They are usually more attentive and feel like they can SIT, LISTEN, and even ask more PERSONAL questions.  The reason being is because they are 100% engaged in a conversation. Which makes the patient feel HEARD and comfortable speaking about very personal topics.

Next time you are working with a new provider, try this.

Go and see a patient. Just shadow the provider and don’t document anything. Request that the provider document the chart outside the room.  While they are documenting start a conversation with them.  Time how long it takes them to complete the chart and how many times they ask you to hold on.  You’ll want to give your feedback on how you felt when they told you to hold on.  (Did it make you feel less important?) –)Dont’ let the provider know what you are doing)

Then compare that time to how long it takes you to complete the note in the room and how much more information was discussed between the patient and the provider.  Do they feel like they provided better quality with or without a scribe?

I think we can all agree that most providers see a difference and with time the patients come to want a scribe because they have a decreased wait time, more focused visit that isn’t rushed,  and faster visit which means they can get back to their day. They leave feeling better like they were able to voice their issues, which ultimately leads to a better outcome.  It’s almost like a placebo, they feel better, so they are better!

So when I say that we “assist providers so that they can provide better quality care to their patients.” I mean that on more of an emotional level that doesn’t just stop with them but is voiced to their families, friends, and maybe even co-workers.  We touch so many people, and it starts with us taking notes so the provider can be attentive to their needs. That is why I work Scribe America, because we do make a difference, we just can’t always see how big it is!