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Adam Rankin
Regional Manager

Hi Annie,

Recently I took out my CSs to Mini Golf and Laser Tag with the site budgets. It was a great time and helped my team bond as I had a lot of CS turnover and most of them were new to the roles.


I am also currently planning a big fall event for my region. We are planning to go to a pumpkin farm, ride a wagon to the pumpkin patch and pick our own pumpkins, then participate in a corn maze. After that we are going to be making hot dogs and smore’s over the bonfire. After all that fun is done, we are going to head to a haunted house for whoever is brave enough 🙂 We are then going to have a pumpkin carving contest with the pumpkins we picked and I am going to award prizes.


My region also has weekly wing night which is very successful as well.


Hope this helps some 🙂