Military Spotlight: ScribeAmerica Team Member

Michael Coburn: Information Security Manager

As a member of a strong military family, Michael Coburn has been immersed in the service lifestyle his entire life. As a child, his family frequently moved across the country from one Army base to another, and even spent three years living overseas in Germany. It was the way of life that he knew well and was particularly fond of. Therefore, it was no surprise to his family when he chose to enlist in the Coast Guard at age 17.

Michael will openly tell you that the five years that he spent serving our country were more than memorable and certainly had an impact on his life. When he entered the military, Michael was deployed to a number of locations, including Key West FL, to assist with the Haitian Migration Crisis. After the fall of the first elected president of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, there was a massive influx of immigrants coming into the United States via South Florida. During this time, Michael enforced the maritime law by intercepting, housing, and returning the Haitians to their homeland.

While serving his country filled Michael with pride and a huge sense of accomplishment, one of the highlights of this time was meeting and falling in love with his wife Colleen. The two were set up on a blind date while Michael was stationed in Key West, and the connection was instant. Shortly before Michael’s enlistment ended, they were engaged to be married and Colleen decided to join the Coast Guard as well. They were a perfect match.

After his time with the Coast Guard, Michael and his wife moved to Seattle, WA where he began his career in the technology industry. After a few years there, his wife was transferred to New York and he worked as a dial-up support technician. One of his most exciting career highlights, before working for ScribeAmerica of course, was as a Senior Network Engineer for CBS.

Although Michael has since retired from his service, Colleen is still an active Coast Guard member. Since joining, she received her education to become a Physician Assistant. Colleen was recently deployed for two years for her training as a PA, and Michael was on his own with his children during that time.  They are lucky in the fact that she is only deployed sporadically now.

This family has experienced how difficult it can be for the members whom are left behind when one of their partners is away serving our country, and they really appreciate the work of veteran focused organizations that support these families. Military families support each other whenever they can, but some families still struggle, and having the support of the broader community can make a huge difference. So many veterans return from the service and have a very difficult time finding a job, so the organizations that help with this transition or offer tuition assistance can have a big impact on the lives of these veterans.

Michael and Colleen would be proud to tell you that the legacy of service men and women in their family will not end with their generation. His oldest son is involved in the JROTC program and is excited about carrying on this family’s long history of protecting the freedom of this country’s citizens. Michael also has a brother that served in the First Gulf War and is now a disabled veteran.

Michael joined ScribeAmerica at the company headquarters in July of 2018, and could not be a better fit for this company. He is very proud of the work that this company does to support all members of the military, and who knows, maybe someday we can get Colleen her own personal medical scribe!